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In 2010, Susanne Groen starts a new casting agency: Groen Casting. New, and just that little bit different. With personal attention, an eye for detail and for love of the job. Because 15 years of experience has shown us that these are the things that truly matter when it comes to casting.

Groen Casting casts professional actors for drama series, films, commercials, theatre, musical theatre shows and internet films. Groen Casting is now one of the leading casting agencies in The Netherlands, in which a dedicated team puts heart and soul into selecting the best actors for the right part. Every single day. With each other and for one another. No fuss. We love our job. We love casting

Incredible news!!! BERLINALE here we come // we are very very proud to present our short EN ROUTE in Berlin for the international premier in February this year


Incredible news!!! BERLINALE here we come // we are very very proud to present our short EN ROUTE in Berlin for the international premier in February this year

Inay (9) and her brother have a day off from school and they have to join their father who needs to go on a special trip. During this route, through the awakening city, Inay secretly tries to cause a delay. She knows that if they arrive late at their destination, she will be rewarded with loads of sweet desserts.

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Porfotto goes international!

3 February 2020

Goed nieuws: Porfotto heeft zijn eerste internationale prijs te pakken. De film heeft de prijs 'Best Student Live Action' op het Silk Road International Film Festival in Ierland gewonnen. 

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An impossible love and special friendships in the new heart-warming Christmas series Remy & Juliyat

17 December 2019

Remy & Juliyat, from Friday 6 December, every day at 5.55 pm at AVROTROS on NPO Zapp.

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The Dutch Film Festival announces the films for the 'Gouden Kalf' selection 2019

25 July 2019

Today, the Nederlands Film Festival announces the longlists of feature films, short films and television dramas that compete for the Golden Calves 2019. The films CLOSE DISTANCE (reg. Christian van Duren), SHORT! AND ROUTE (reg. Marit Weerheijm), SHORT! VENSERPOLDER (reg. Teddy Cherim), CENTRAL: AFUA (reg. Sia Hermanides), CENTRAL: TEEF (reg. Jamille van Wijngaarden), EMPEROR WOMEN (reg. Ben Sombogaart and Dries Vos) are also on it!

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Vliegende Vissen Verdrinken Niet - Eche Janga

Kepler Film - NTR

November 2020

Swanenburg - Thomas Korthals Altes, Aniëlle Webster en Hans Somers

Stepping Stone Producties, Keyfilm in co-productie met KRO-NCRV

July 2020

Lieve Mama - Jelle de Jonge

Fiction Valley - Videoland

February 2020

Hemelrijken - Stanley Kolk

Family Affair Films - Telefilm

February 2020

Remy & Juliyat - Tessa Schram

NL Film - Zapp NPO3

December 2019

Penoza de Film - Diederik van Rooijen

NL Film

November 2019

Keizersvrouwen - Ben Sombogaard en Dries Vos

Rinkel Film - AVROTROS

November 2019

De Toekomst is Fantastisch - Josèff Iping


October 2019

Wat je vindt, mag je houden - Nina Spijkers

Fiction Valley - Centraal

September 2019

Afua - Sia Hermanides

Topkapi Films - Centraal

September 2019

Teef - Jamille van Wijngaarden

Keplerfilm - Centraal

September 2019

Stuff - Malu Janssen

IJswater FIlms - NTR Kort!

September 2019

Venserpolder - Teddy Cherim

Topkapi Films - NTR Kort!

September 2019

Kamer 330 - Jenneke Boeijink

Bind Film - NTR Kort!

September 2019

En Route - Marit Weerheijm

Room for Film - NTR Kort!

September 2019

Re-Entry - Ben Brand

Ven Film - NTR Kort!

September 2019

Porfotto - Edson da Conceicao

NFA Lichting 2019

June 2019

The Underground - Max Everett

NFA Lichting 2019

June 2019

El Muerto - Loïs Dols de Jong

NFA Lichting 2019

June 2019

Close Distance - Christian van Duren

Bind Film

September 2019

Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden


May 2019

Zeepaard - Nathalie Bruijns

Blanc Film

May 2019

Taiki - Mirjam de With

Fiction Valley - EO

February 2019

Kerst met de Kuipers - Jelle de Jonge

Fiction Valley - Videoland

December 2018

Lekker Dan - Astrid van Keulen


September 2018

KIND - Joren Molter

Family Affair Films

September 2018

Tom Adelaar - Gonzalo Fernandes

Topkapi Films - O.N.S. XIII 2018

September 2018

Nothing to declare - Hetty de Kruijf


January 2018

Jungle - Hetty de Kruijf

BIND Film - O.N.S. XII 2017

September 2017

When you get home - Ben Brand


September 2017

Weeën - Nils Vleugels



Find this dumb little bitch...- Ben Brand

Submarine Film - Telefilm 2017


Molotov Man - Joris Weerts

Afstudeerfilm HKU


Parnassus - Robin Boissevain

Rocketboy Producties - 3 LAB


Stap 8 - Rick Lenzing

In Case of Fire


Catch - Michiel Doekes



Stand by me - Martijn de Jong

ALP Media - NTR Kort!


Phantom Napalm - Patrick Louwerse

You & Mrs. Jones


97% - Ben Brand



Bounty - Finbarr Wilbrink

Unacceptable Productions & Bijker


Perlajanan de Reis - Josscy Aartsen & Dewi Reijs

Film Toko


Hoogtepunt - Joris van den Berg

Flinck Film - Green Filmmaking Competition


April 14th - Hesdy Lonwijk

Untold Stories


Kansloos - Joris van den Berg

Stetz Film - NTR Kort!


Naranjina - Harold van Eck

Blooming Film


Pardoes - Marc Willard, Vincent Schuurman





Susanne Groen

After ten years of casting for television series and 5 years of leading one of the biggest casting agencies in The Netherlands, Susanne establishes Groen Casting in 2010. What started off with a few commercials has grown into a company that provides the casting for a broad range of films, television series and commercials, in just a few years’ time. 

Lara Toorop

By chance, Lara goes into acting after finishing her dance training. As from that moment, she starts to develop an interest for casting. As an on-call employee, she works for different casting agencies. She is now permanently working for Groen Casting.

Anita Donk

After graduating from Toneelschool Arnhem, Anita has been working as an actress for several theatre companies and drama series. Since 2001 she is working as a casting director as well.

Annemarije Heijerman

In 2013, Annemarije graduates from the Universiteit van Amsterdam with a degree in film studies. After this, she does production work for several films and television series, until she eventually starts to work for Groen Casting.

Jitske Windig

Jitske studies ‘Media en Cultuur’ at the Universiteit van Amsterdam, after which she starts to work as a planner and producer for a sound studio. In this job, she specializes in voice casting, which later leads to her switch to Groen Casting.

Ara Halici

Ara graduates from the Frank Sanders Academy for musical theatre in 2001 and has been in twenty-five different musicals since then. He has won a John Kraaijkamp Musical Award twice. Besides working for Groen Casting, he is still involved with the Frank Sanders Academy.




Groen Casting only works with professional actors or with actors who have substantial acting experience; extras can therefore not sign up. It is important that you send a resume and good quality photos with your application. At least one headshot and one total body shot are required.

If you want to sign up with us, please click here for the application form.


Groen Casting
Falckstraat 15-II
1017 VV Amsterdam 
T 020 627 11 32





Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden


Groen Casting gaat later dit jaar aan de slag met het casten van nieuwe personages. Nieuwe acteurs van sinds 1990 lopende serie worden voortaan gecast door ons. “Afgelopen jaar hebben wij besloten andere castingbureaus een kans te geven. Groen heeft aangetoond creatief en vernieuwend te zijn”, zegt woordvoerder Eva Peters. We kijken ernaar uit!

Fotograaf: Feriet Tunc (foto is niet te downloaden via onze website)